31 Days of Halloween: Day 4 The Wanderer on the Tracks | A Creepypasta by Gillard McMorith

On Halloween of 1988, six teenage boys ventured into a tunnel on a local railroad. Only one escaped with his life and a photo. What resulted from that innocent venture was a two-year period of unexplained murders which killed off a good ten percent of my small town’s population. To this day, no one knows the true fate of the five boys and the reason behind the murders that lasted until the fall of 1990, except for me. I’m the lone survivor of the six who encountered The Wanderer on the Tracks on that dark Halloween of 1988. It was supposed to be a simple dare, nothing to it.

Everyone had heard of how, every Halloween, people head into the tunnel and never come out. We all thought it was bullshit. Then again, we were only fourteen, and not very well learned in the way of the paranormal. All we expected was just some crazy dude in a bed sheet. However, what we found was much worse. And what we did made the outcome ten times worse than it could’ve been. I guess that “curiosity killed the cat” really fits when remembering this story. It was me (Steve), John, Andy, George, Bill, and Fred. Explaining our choice of costume is irrelevant. However, let us note that we all brought flashlights and Andy had brought a bucket to collect candy in. Foolish Andy. I remember your death so vividly it haunts my dreams to this very day – and she does, too.

But not for long.

We all had dinner at John’s house, as it was closest to the tunnel. After that, we played some Super Mario Bros. on his NES to pass time until it was dark. When it was, we all departed to complete the dare we so foolishly accepted. I carried a Polaroid to show everyone what was really in the tunnel. We left when it was considerably dark outside. Most of the dads were parading their seven year olds up and down the street getting candy before it got really dark. There had recently been some kidnappings in the area, but we didn’t expect to meet the suspect, so we thought we would be safe.

With each step towards the tunnel it seemed as if it got darker, and when we arrived there, it was pitch black, and it was pretty much only us and the older trick-or-treaters outside. We all stopped at the entrance of the tunnel for a moment, realizing that we may not make it out alive. After waiting one more moment, we hesitantly stepped inside, turning on all of our flashlights. No one really wanted to do this. We felt this more and more as we went deeper into the tunnel. It was weird though; usually a tunnel ended around 500 feet, but it seemed like this one went on for miles.

We went on for what I want to say was another three-thousand feet. That’s when we saw it. At the time, we had no idea what it was. If I had a choice, I would wish that I never found out what it was and what it did.

“The fuck is that?” Bill asked, half-whispering to the rest of us. What we saw looked like a girl that had covered herself in dark paint or make up and had on a plain old nightgown. She was holding what looked like a rod, or staff. Her back was facing us.

“Beats me,” Andy shrugged. “Hey!” he yelled at the thing before throwing the bucket at it. It clanged off of the creature and rolled to the right of the track. Suddenly, it made the most gruesome noise in the world as its head rotated 180 degrees to stare back at us. I hastily took out my Polaroid and shot a picture of it. I put away the camera and shook the developing picture before putting it inside my pocket.

Everyone was frozen in place looking at the creature, seemingly paralyzed. Soon, the creature lifted the rod and threw it at Andy. It was horrifying and amazing, seeing it throw what we now KNEW was a spear with such dexterity, as well as doing it backwards. The spear struck Andy in the chest, dead center in the sternum. His ribcage collapsed and blood sprayed from the entry and the exit. His spine snapped, and he crumpled to the ground. The blood splattered spear was stuck in the ground a good forty feet behind us. It was only a moment before we actually thought to run. We didn’t even try to save Andy. I turned my head and saw the creature ripping open his chest, tearing muscle and organs apart as our dying counterpart screamed in his death throes. It seemed like the creature wanted to separate flesh from bone, as that is exactly what it had done. Andy’s flesh and innards were scattered around his skeleton in a pool of his blood. It was coming for the rest of us now.

Bill was the next one it caught, eviscerating him in the same manner as it did to Andy. Then she got George, and then Fred. It was me and John left. The creature was so close we could feel its putrid breath on our necks. We both heard its demonic growls and screeches as we just barely escaped its furious grabs for our costumes. We kept on running even though the lactic acid had built up so much in our arms and legs, and our breath was ragged, and we were so damn tired.

Soon, we saw the end of the tunnel. Somehow, it was morning, which was so illogical, but John and I were both happy to see the light of day. Suddenly, I heard a trip and stumble. John had fucking tripped. We were outside of the tunnel, and he tripped. I didn’t even need to turn my head to know he would be gored and gutted. I ran a safe distance away behind some trees near my house. His screams echoed through the neighborhood and awoke several families, wandering outside to see what was happening. Everyone who went outside all saw the creature as it tore apart John. When it was done, it swept its eyes across the shocked citizens of my small town and let out a deafening roar that no man or animal could create. It then dashed back inside the tunnel, and everyone ran inside their homes, including me.

For two years after that, the people who saw the creature were found disemboweled and skinned in their homes. Some people tried to move, but I heard them say it was like they were chained here. The creature was holding everyone here, keeping everyone who had seen it captive in this town. I’m the last surviving person who saw the Wanderer on the Tracks, and my time is coming soon. How did I last this long? I don’t know. I bet its teasing me, torturing me, making me shit my pants every time I turn a corner. It’s taken a hold of my life and I can no longer function like other people.

I can no longer go out in the dark. My windows are always closed, the blinds always down, the doors always locked. I’ve tried to kill myself multiple times, but I can’t. It won’t let me. Recently, I’ve been hearing the dying screams of my dying friends. I’ve heard a bucket clanging from outside my window. Tapping on my front door at night. It’s a sign.

It’s coming for me soon.

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Shoes | A Creepypasta


It was a cold, regular winter night in my North Carolina cabin. I was on a 2-week trip to the mountains in North Carolina to just relax and get away from the city. I picked a nice, cozy cabin nestled high into the mountains. There were only a few other cabins besides mine, and most looked abandoned. It was my first night that I arrived at the cabin, it was a long drive through the inclines and many trees.

It was on a secluded little flat overlooking the side of the mountain, surrounded by trees on all sides, except facing north, which had a beautiful overlook onto the road and the countryside. I was unpacking my things, the cabin looked really nice, I was surprised at the price I got it for, relatively cheap.

It was almost like pocket change compared to what I made. As I wandered inside the house, it was well stocked with furnishings of all sorts. It had a chimney on the right side of the house, a kitchen near the front door, a porch, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The bedroom looked very comfortable, along with the furniture. The place sported a nice TV; it was good to have modern amenities out in the countryside.

That night, as I was preparing to go to sleep, putting on my freshly folded nightwear from my suitcase, I heard a noise. It wasn’t a typical noise you’d expect to hear on a normal night in the wilderness, it sounded like footsteps, leaves being crunched outside. It sounded like something was walking near my little cabin. I shut my TV off to hear the noise a little better. It stopped. I was a brave guy, so I assumed it was simply some wildlife outside and continued watching the 10:00 news.

Then it came again, but this time the footsteps were much closer, I could clearly hear them now, with out the need to turn the TV off. This time, I was a little scared. But, as I said, I was a brave guy. I grabbed my shoes, and my flashlight, and wandered outside. My car was still parked where it should be, and it was a very beautiful night. I heard an owl hooting in the distance. I proceeded around the perimeter of my house, aiming my flashlight at anything and everything.

The only thing I saw were trees, and brown leaves on the ground. I went around the house until I got to the window next to the room I was sleeping in. I aimed my flash light, and I saw two shoes perched up right next to my window on top of the forest ground, and what looked like visible foot steps leading up to my window. The strangest part was the footsteps were marked by fresh blood; each visible footstep was visibly stained red. I tried to find a valid explanation in my head on how this could have happened, imagining maybe someone had gotten into a serious accident and was bleeding heavily. Were seeking help? But I still could not explain the shoes.

Who would just randomly drop off their shoes near someones house? I aimed my flashlight at the shoes and examined them. They looked like really old and worn out dress shoes — maybe 10 to 20 years old with visible holes and tears in the leather. It was clear these shoes were no longer usable as shoes and served no mere purpose other than as trash. I picked up the shoes, and felt inside. I felt what almost felt like a stone. I pulled it out. It was half of a human foot! The bones at least.. but the worst part was, the bones were splattered with blood! Unable to explain anything and fearing for my life, I hurried back home, my heart racing. I locked up well that night and shut \every window. I kept my gun at my side in the drawer. An old revolver loaded with 6 bullets, shall I ever need to use it.

I managed to get to sleep that night, but I had a horrible nightmare that spooked me horribly. I dreamt I was sleeping in my bed, as normal, but that a man was looking through my bedroom window. But this was no ordinary man, his eyes were very menacing and he had a horrible evil grin, and he did nothing, except occasionally scan the room and glance at me, as if he hoped to get inside and grab something of mine. I could do nothing except stare at him helplessly. I woke up tired the next morning, unable to get a decent amount of sleep.

As I got out out of bed, I noticed something peculiar. The keys to my cabin were missing. I kept them right by the front door, on the key ring. Maybe someone had gotten in and stolen them? Some kids trying to play a cruel prank? I would have called the police, but I had an unregistered gun. If they searched the place I would surely get arrested. So I kept quiet. I proceeded about my normal day, enjoyed breakfast and lunch, sat by the fireplace, and bathed in the jacuzzi inside the cabin.

I walked outside to check on my car, making sure whoever was out there hadn’t messed with it. What I found scared the life out of me. Bloody footsteps led all the way from the forest, to my front door, and to every window around my cabin. I was scared, too scared, too check the window by my bedroom, for surely there would be bloody footsteps there too, and the man watching me wasn’t a dream. But I mustered the courage and went over there. The shoes still lay in the place I had found them. I went over to my window, it was jammed, and covered in finger prints. Someone had tried to get in to My house.

This vacation was turning into a nightmare for me. I decided not to sleep that night, I wanted to see what was really going on. I stayed up that night, revolver in hand, ready for anything. Nothing happened for most of the night, but at 12:30 am, I heard a sound that nearly made me jump out of my bed. The footsteps sound had returned, in the same manner as it happened the first time.

I hid behind my bed, but I was too scared too look at the window. I just waited until the footsteps got close enough, clenching the revolver in my hands. Eventually the footsteps stopped right in front of my window. My heart froze, as I sat motionless against my bed, not wanting to look towards the window. Eventually the footsteps kept going, this time around the perimeter of my cabin. They stopped about at my front door. I heard a knock at the front door. My heart began to race uncontrollably, I dared not move from my spot, and kept my eyes focused in the direction of the noise, my sweaty palms clenching the revolver.

There was a piercing silence, and what seemed like the longest seconds of my life. I heard the most unbelievable thing. My front door was UNLOCKED with a key. I was shocked. I sat, my heart was racing. Footsteps hobbled inside the house. They slowly hobbled to my bedroom door, *step* *step* *step* I was near ready to faint, but I kept my composure. The steps came closer still *step* *step* *step* until they were right outside my door. Complete silence befell the whole house, I was sweating and trembling uncontrollably.

I aimed my revolver at the door, ready to shoot. The door opened slowly, and creaked loudly. The man I had seen before peeked his head in, only half exposing his face. He was smiling an evil grin, simply staring at me. He stepped in, he wore a suit, dress shirt,and pants. He was barefoot. His feet were simply bones, and bloodied, one foot was severed in half.

I was paralyzed, I couldn’t even pull the trigger of my gun. He just stared at me, smiling that evil grin, he seemed to be glancing at something behind me. I pulled the trigger *click* I’d forgotten to load my gun! I frantically trembled, and dropped the gun, paralyzed with fear. Slowly, the man looked at me ominously and muttered “You have some nice shoes.”

Original Story: Shoes


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Friday of Fright Welcomes Blackeyed Blonde

Welcome to Spooky Boo’s Friday of Fright where I welcome special guests of horror to showcase their favorite stories. Tonight I have a special treat! Listen to “The Seconds Between” by Blackeyed Blonde. This one-of-a-kind story will terrify you as it slowly unfolds. This is an original story by Blackeyed Blonde. I know you will enjoy it!
Story by: Blackeyed Blonde
Narrated by: Blackeyed Blonde
Music by: Myuu
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Fidget Spinner Addiction by Spooky Boo


This story is by Spooky Boo

I made a mistake. A BIG mistake! Over a month ago I was surfing through the online classifieds and I came across this free box of stuff that was posted to Craigslist. I sell a lot of things that I get for free from Craigslist on eBay and Amazon. I know it seems like a scam, but it isn’t. If people are willing to just give things away, then why not sell them?

The box had a lot of junk that I gave away on FreeCycle, I do that so I can build my customer list. I know, that sounds scammy as well, but these people will take junk off my hands in minutes or buy incredible items when offered. So I keep their emails. Is that a crime? I don’t SPAM them. I send a message asking if they would like to be notified. OK? Don’t judge me.

While giving away the items and clearing out the box, I came across this thing called a fidget spinner. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but then when I realized that it could spin between my middle finger and thumb at an even pace, I was fascinated. My first thought was to sell it, but every time I went to list the spinner I couldn’t do it. I would pick it up and spin it for a few minutes and then do it again. Soon, I was only spinning it over and over again. Everything in the box was gone and I was still spinning that damn thing.

After I started playing with it, I realized that almost everyone had one. Where had I been hiding? They were everywhere with people spinning them. I was no exception. I spun it night and day. It was prettier than all the others. There weren’t any lights on it, but it would light up as it spun. It also made this weird humming noise. I went in and tried others in the store, but none were like this at all. I compared it to the fidget spinners my friends used and none of them could come even close. They wanted to try and I would just laugh at them. I always said no.

It wasn’t until after the first month I had it that I realized I had a problem. It was like an addiction. It was like that feeling one gets when holding a cigarette between your fingers and taking a very long puff. I couldn’t stop. I had been spinning for five days while at work, at home. I wasn’t sleeping. I didn’t realize this until I looked in the mirror and saw the bags under my eyes. Even when I went into work people asked if I wasn’t feeling well. When my boss called me into his office he told me to go home and get some rest after scolding me for not getting any work done.

When I got home, I just kept on spinning…and spinning. It was talking to me, I know it was. If I listened closely, I could hear it humming my name and whispering unintelligible phrases. I could even hear it laughing at me. It became hard to sleep at night at all while I sat on the couch and just watched the erroneous lights on the ends flash in different colors as it turned and turned and turned.

I’d find myself falling asleep and when the buzzing and whispering stopped, I would bolt up again and start spinning. It never ended. After 3 weeks, work fired me. I had no excuse. No doctors note. I stayed home sick for weeks and they called me and told me I was no longer helping the department and had to leave. They asked if everything was ok and if I needed any kind of help while finding a new job, I just hung up the phone then found 2 weeks of severance in my bank account the next day.

Two weeks later I found myself still spinning.  I was weak from not eating and most likely severely dehydrated, but I couldn’t stop. The voices in the fidget spinner calmed me as it went round and round. Yesterday they turned off the lights and cable. I have no money to pay the bill. I chew on ice cubes so I don’t have to get up and get water. I think I’ve lost about 40 pounds just spinning and not eating.

“This has to stop now!” I managed through the tears. I stared at my reflection of my defunct television. Just a hollow shell, void of life, stared back at me. The only light was the spinner. I had shut all of the blinds so I could watch the lights in awe. Now that I’ve noticed my reflection, I’m terrified.

I stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed my electric knife. Stupidly I plugged it into the wall forgetting I couldn’t turn it on. The fidget spinner just spun, mocking me as I threw the knife on the ground. Through the tears I searched my knife drawer and found a steak knife. I started to cut at the skin on my wrist but the spinner mocked me. It laughed and hummed in a whimsical tune that a steak knife wasn’t sharp enough. Then I grabbed the bread knife and started to saw, half screaming until I passed out.

When I came to, I was weak. There was blood everywhere, but there was some relief. When I had passed out the fidget spinner had stopped and so had the bleeding. It wasn’t enough. With my right hand I tapped the end and it started spinning again, whispering and laughing. I dug deeper into the knife drawer and finally found it! With one large swoop and putting all of the strength I had left into my right arm, I sliced right down into my left wrist with the meat cleaver. I cried out as my hand tumbled across the floor, still grasping on to the fidget spinner. It continued to spin and laugh me as the room grew dark.

That is why I’m here, at the State Hospital for people with mental diseases. I sit here watching my stump in horror as I can still feel the presence of my hand and that damn fidget spinner.

This story is not under the CC license and is copyrighted by Spooky Boo. If you want to use this story in a video, please send a message to Spooky Boo directly. Thank you.


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